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TFC on IPTV Platform

Is the best way of watching TFC because it is “On-Demand”.
No need to wait for the schedule of your favorite programs because you have the control to watch your favorite programs on your most convenient time. Skip scenes you don’t want. Pause your show if you are interrupted. Watch old episodes if you missed one. And no annoying ads/commercials. What more could you ask for?

What is “On-Demand”?
It is getting your favorite programming anytime, day or night.
Now you can watch what you want when you want.

Basic Requirements for Subscribing to TFC on IPTV

  • High speed broadband (at least 2 mbps)
  • TV Set
  • TFC Subscription Form
Features LITE VIP (best)
TFC CURRENT – stay up-to-date with all new and current series from back home (news, latest teleseryes, game shows, talk shows) X X
TFC CLASSIC – go back in time as you watch and revisit old time favorites. Includes more than 10,000 of content X
ANC – delivers LIVE up-to-the-minute reports on socialm economic, business, health and entertainment developments X
DZMM/DWRR – LIVE feed from the 2 most popular radio stations. DZMM brings you the latest breaking news, insightful current affairs broadcasts and public service programs. Swoon over songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives with 101.9 For Life! X
MOVIES on DEMAND – enjoy rich movie entertainment from Star Cinema, Viva Films and other movie producers every month. Everything uncut and commercial-free — the way movies and shows were meant to be seen X
KARAOKE Channel – sing-along with the best of OPM, from classic favorites to the current chartbusters; from top-rating songs of Gary, Sharon, Yeng, Piolo, Sarah and many more. X
PAY PER VIEW – cap your entertainment with blockbuster movies, sport events in the comfort of your home X X


TFC On Demand VS Internet/Online

Cost – There TFC shows online and are FREE. However, it is not actually FREE. The websites are littered with viruses. Just visiting the website allows the virus to infect your computer. Think of it, why would they spend their time and money to upload shows if they get nothing from it. They get your computer in exchange for watching the shows for FREE. Once infected, they can enter your email and send spam. It can post on your Facebook account or send tweets without your knowledge. It can ruin your reputation and image. Is it worth it?

Convenience – Yes, you can watch TFC shows online, anytime and anywhere. Again, the problem is that you are helping in spreading the virus. Instead of infecting just your computer, you spread it to your friends and neighbors. I don’t think they will let you use their computer ever again.

Quality – What you pay is what you get. If pay for nothing, you can’t complain about the quality. The shows online are of poor video quality. Sometimes you get streaming issues because one the website is overloaded with freeloaders (watching shows for free). You have no choice but to find another free website that is not yet popular.

If you are watching TFC shows online for FREE, chances are you don’t have an antivirus on your computer.

TFC On Demand VS Cable (Shaw, Bell, Rogers, Telus)

Cost – You can watch TFC shows with cable providers such as Shaw, Bell, Rogers, and Telus. However, you have to watch your favorite TFC shows on their schedule. For as low as $20 a month, you take control of your TV. Watch TFC shows whenever and whatever you want. You don’t even have to watch the annoying ads as well.

Choices – You can watch more shows thru TFC On Demand. You can also watch old movies and teleseryes.

Quality – Did you know shows were shortened to squeeze the limited time slot. You might be missing scenes or important news. You are missing a lot.

Missed an episode? Don’t worry, you can watch still watch them. No time during weekdays due to hectic work schedule or multiple jobs? You can watch all the shows in one sitting on weekends.

Ready to sign-up? Call 604-720-4949 for details!

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  1. Download the TFC Subscription form.
  2. Fill-up the application form.
  3. Fax it to 604-777-0175.